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Viking RescYou Pro™ Liferaft

Liferaft for all types of cruising where comfort and safety go hand in hand.

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Self-righting offshore cruising and sport fishing liferaft


  • Colour:
    Fluorescent yellow canopy and ballast bags for enhanced visibility from a greater distance
    Black buoyancy compartments. Double blue canopy lining provides hypothermia protection and aides seasickness prevention.
  • Sizes: 4, 6 and 8 persons
  • Materials: natural rubber and acrylic/silicon coated nylon
  • Ballast bags: 4 large quick filling bags - each containing 55 litres – for maximum stability
  • Retro-reflective tape: Fitted with SoLAS high-visibility retro-reflective tape on canopy, sides, bottom and buoyancy compartments
  • Lights: Automatic exterior strobe light and interior light
  • Special features:
    • Self-righting - ready for boarding within seconds
    • two large entrances provide easy boarding and cross ventilation
    • Easy slide zippers close from bottom up enabling ability to increase freeboard
    • two curtained windows provide view of horizon and ability to search for rescuers without opening canopy
    • high viz inflatable boarding ramp w/ladder on one side, boarding ladder on other, providing fast easy boarding
    • Rain water collector
    • internal and external lifelines
    • inflatable double floor provides extra protection against hypothermia - Spacious canopy for generous headroom
    • internal bailing system, permits bailing from within without opening canopy
  • Emergency pack:
    Fitted with offshore E equipment pack.
    optional equipment packs (iSo 1, SoLAS B, iSo ii) to meet requirements may be packed internally or externally in a waterproof grab bag at additional fee
  • Storage options: Packed in a compact water resistant valise or a low profile high gloss fiberglass container which may be deck or rail mounted.
  • Main areas of application: coastal and offshore cruising and sport fishing
  • Approval: ISO 9650 type i certified and meets iSAF requirements. third party approved by Det norske veritas
Size Dimensions
kg (lbs.)
4 person, container 78,7 x 57,4 x 29,5
39,9 (88)
4 person, valise 73,7 x 33 x 33
34 (75)
6 person, container 78,7 x 57,4 x 32
45,8 (101)
6 person, valise 76,2 x 35,6 x 40,6
39,9 (88)
8 person, container 78,7 x 57,4 x 32
52,6 (116)
8 person, valise 76,2 x 45,7 x 40,6
45,8 (101)

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