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MOB / Rescue


Leicht transportier- und verstaubares...

399,00 €

Product details

Jonbuoy Danbuoy

Inflatable Danbouy

349,90 €

Product details

Jonbuoy Rettungsschlinge

Recovery device for a person in the...

399,00 €

Product details

Ocean Signal rescueMe PLB1

Sehr kompakte PLB - passt in jede...

389,90 €

Product details

Jackstay with Dyneema Lashing

Jackstay with Loops and Dyneema lashing

56,00 €

Product details

ACR Firefly Pro LED Strobe

Super-bright emergency strobe visible...

79,90 €

Product details

Spinlock Performance Safety Line - different versions

The new Safety Line from Spinlock -...

109,00 €

Product details

Seago traditional Horseshoe Set

A traditional horseshoe buoy with the...

79,90 €

Product details

Traditional Lifebelt

Lifebelt ohne Sicherheitsleine gemäß EN...

58,00 €

Product details

°hf Wurfsack Compact Classic

The standard throwing bag for almost 20...

45,00 €

Product details

°hf Wurfsack Compact Thirty

Wurfsack mit 30m Leine

50,00 €

Product details

Kim Throwing Strop

Wurfsack und Bergeschlaufe in einem

89,95 €

Product details

Ocean Signal Rescue me AIS Alarm

Receives AIS Sart / MOB signals and...

260,00 €

Product details

Jonbuoy Danbuoy Horseshoe Combination

Jonbuoy "Danbuoy & Horseshoe"...

399,00 €

Product details

Jonbuoy Recovery Modul

Recovery module for Person over board!

989,00 €

Product details

Aquasignal Bremen Suchscheinwerfer

Wasserdichter Halogenscheinwerfer

128,00 €

Product details

Berge- und Sicherheitsleitern

Bergeleitern zur einfachen Montage

59,95 €

Product details

Kim Treibanker für Rettungsmittel

Treibanker zum Nachrüsten für...

16,90 €

Product details

Jonbuoy Horseshoe

Inflatable Horseshoe for recovery of a...

165,00 €

Product details

FSE Robline Floating Security Line

Auffällige Sicherheitsleine aus XLF

0,80 €

Product details

Ocean Signal rescueMe Mob1

Small personal AIS device for fast...

414,90 €

Product details

AquaSpec Automatic Lifejacket Light

AQ40 High Performance Lifejacket light...

27,90 €

Product details

Mc Murdo Fastfind Crew1 AIS MOB

Personal AIS MOB device

350,00 €

Product details

Plastimo Knicklicht/Leuchtstab

Knicklichter von Plastimo zur Erhöhung...

12,40 €

Product details

Heavy polyester webbing

30mm heavy polyester webbing for...

2,18 €

Product details

°hf Compact Weasel Wurfsack

Wurfsack mit 18m Seil und kleinem...

37,00 €

Product details

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