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Banten Active duplexer

Active duplexer for VHF, car radio and...

58,40 €
43,80 €
-14,60 €

Product details

Digital Yacht AIS100 USB

AIS Empfänger mit USB Anschluß

312,00 €

Product details

Ocean Signal PLB3

PLB with AIS and RLS and NFC...

699,00 €

Product details

Octahedral type radar reflectors

Aluminium models, fold flat for easy...

36,00 €

Product details

Echomax 230i Radar reflector

Inflatable passive radar reflector

235,00 €

Product details

Spot Gen3 Messenger

Tracking Device mit Messenger Funktion

179,00 €

Product details

Nauticast B2 AIS Class B Transponder

AIS Class B Transponder

499,00 €

Product details

Emergency VHF antenna

Emergency VHF antenna in waterproof bag

95,90 €

Product details

Nasa PC Navtex USB

Two channel navtex receiver designed to...

199,90 €

Product details

Ocean Signal ATB1 AIS-Transponder

Class B AIS Transponder mit SOTDMA...

999,00 €

Product details

Digital Yacht NavLink2 NMEA WIFI Converter

Wasy to fit NMEA2000 to Wifi gateway...

332,00 €

Product details

Vesper Cortex V1 VHF Radio - AIS - Monitor

VHF radio with SOTDMA smartAIS and...

2.550,00 €

Product details

DIgital Yacht WLN10

Smartphone, Tablet und PC Integrations...

234,00 €

Product details

Digital Yacht WLN30

Smartphone, Tablet und PC Integrations...

318,00 €

Product details

Actisense W2K-1 NMEA 2000 to WIFI

Rugged and reliable NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi...

285,00 €

Product details

McMurdo Smartfind M15/M15S AIS receiver

Low cost AIS receiver from market...

297,00 €

Product details

Seaangel SA15 AIS Flare

Small and handy AIS emergency...

359,00 €

Product details

Mc Murdo Fastfind Crew1 AIS MOB

Personal AIS MOB device

350,00 €

Product details

Ocean Signal rescueMe Mob1

Small personal AIS device for fast...

414,90 €

Product details

McMurdo Smartfind M10/M10W AIS Transponder

Low cost AIS Transponder from market...

807,00 €

Product details

McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS

Low cost AIS receiver from market...

2.646,00 €

Product details

ENTEL HT-20 handheld radio

Submersible handheld VHF radio

289,00 €

Product details

Ocean Signal Rescue me AIS Alarm

Receives AIS Sart / MOB signals and...

260,00 €

Product details

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