Sail Training

The sail trainings are for many sailors the start into the new sailing season and the first test after a long winter break.

In Izola we train on Seascape 18 (planing keelboat with gennaker), Seascape 24 (plaining keelboat with different Gennaker), Seascape 27 plaining keelboat with different Gennaker and Code 0) and J/24  (keelboat with spinnaker) boats.

Target groups: ambitious cruising sailors of all levels. Racing sailors beginners and advanced.

After a sailing day (optional) to become familiar with the boat we spend three intense training days on the water. The training days start with a briefing, followed by training sessions of about two to three hours.

We finish the day with a theory unit including photo and video analysis. Special topics will be discussed in working groups.

We recommend every participant to schedule with the optional sailing day to become familiar with the boat, specially after a long sailing break.

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Main Focus on Individual Trainings

Sail Training Izola - 1: Focal points: speed, trim, basic and advanced course Gennaker (Registration)
Spinnaker Course Izola - 1: Spinnaker training on J/24 boats für cruising and race sailors, beginners and advanced (Registration)
Sail Training Izola - 3: Focal points: manoeuver and starting. Prepairing for Sail Training Izola - R1 one week later(Registration)
Spinnaker Course Izola - 2: Spinnaker training on J/24 boats für cruising and race sailors, beginners and advanced (Registration)
Sail Training Izola - R1: Training and regatta with participation in the Seascape Porta Cup 2019 (Registration)
Sail Training Izola - 2: 4-day training for cruising and race sailors
Workshop race sailors: Gennakermanoeuver and -trim; Stearing upwind and downwind.
Workshop cruising sailors: Race start, wind- und feeld taktiks, buoy manoeuvers, windward gennaker drop.

Contents of all trainings:

  • Development of boat speed
  • Sail trim at all courses and at (almost) all wind speeds
  • Sailing games with the boats on the water
  • Spinnaker sailing

 Main focus on cruising sailors and racing beginners:

  • Individual sailing performance
  • Intense training on individual positions to improve boat handling and boat speed
  • Ideal to improve the individual knowledge about trimming, steering and general sailing know how
  • Starting, tacking, buoy manoeuvres, spinnaker sailing for everybody

Main focus on cruising sailors:

  • Cooperation on board, manoeuvres, spinnaker manoeuvres 
  • Communication on board
  • Development of boat speed in the team 
  • Sparring with boats, field tactics, starting


Training 1, 3, R1: 3 intense training days: 362,- EUR incl. VAT.
Training 2: 4 intense training days: 475.- EUR incl. VAT. !!! Optional sailing day on friday !!!
Spinnaker Course 1, 2: 362.- EUR incl. VAT

optional sailing day: 85,- EUR incl. VAT.

Combination offer: Training 3 + R1 training and regatta: 650.- EUR incl. VAT

Discounts: second training: -10%, third and every extra training -15%, discount partneryachtclub: -15% (cumulative maximum discount -22%); discounts count for: all sail trainings, ISAF safety trainings

Please download the registration form and return a signed copy to us ...
or register via our Online Shop.

You find the dates for the next trainings in the left column or in our calendar in the section "sail training".

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