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Rope and Splice Service

Our Rope and Rigging service offers you professional processing and guarantees not only a visual improvement on board of your yacht, but also an improvement of the performance of the ropes on board.

We offer a wide range of ropes of the company FSE Robline in our Online Shop. Below you find some examples of our splice service.

For individual solutions we offer consultation for dinghies, small keel boats, racing and cruising yacht of any size and prepare customised rigging solutions.

Individual requests can be processed in our splicing workshop in Wiener Neustadt.



Discs for the spinnaker guy

Make sure that the shackle of the spinnaker sheets / spinnaker guy is not pulled into the fitting of the spinnaker boom. Without discs there is a risk that the fitting of the spinnaker boom or the shackle break, or that the sheet does not fade out and causes problems when taking the spinnaker down.

Leder Schutz

Splices with leather cover

The best protection against chafing of the ropes: the cover with rigging leather.
With or without thimble

Strop mit Augspleiss

Fix strops made of different high tech materials such as PBO, Spectra or Vectran

High tech strops are used for fixed connections such as e.g. steering lines, downhauls, in the rig and much more. We offer the strops with and without cover, as well as with splices on one or on both ends, with or without thimbles. 
Breaking load from 500 kg to 20 t. 

Augspleiss mit SchaekelSplices shackles

in Spectra, PBO or Vectran ropes. With or without thimbles, with or without cover or partly with cover.

Shackles that can be opened under load and such that can only be opened in unloaded condition.
Breaking load 15 t. Shackles made by Wichard or Tylaska, depending on the application.

Bloecke mit Gromets


Grommets used to have a great importance for traditional boats. Sails were attached on them on masts and spars and they replaced shackles. Grommets are rope rings, made from one piece, they don't have a beginning or an end, they are round and look beautiful. Spectra grommets are state of the art technology to substitute shackles.


Sheat reinforcement

Very frequently it is not necessary to exchange a whole rope because it would break under the expected load, but because a part of the mantle is worn through. This damage often happens on winches, cleats and fairleads. These damages can easily be avoided if you add a second sheat to these parts in advance.

custom solutionsIndividual solutions

Every boat and every owner are individual and look for perfect solutions. We offer support for dinghies, small keel boats racing and cruising yachts of any size and create the perfect rigging solutions. Ropes on board of a sailing yacht are more than just "a piece of cord"!

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