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ProFurl NEX Flying-Sail Furler

The new generation of flying sail furlers for a easy handling of Genaker, Code 0 & Staysails
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The new version of the Nex furler is now available with many innovations and technological improvements. These innovations, resulting from our expertise gained since the launch of the first version of the NEX in 2010 will bring you even more performance, safety and comfort when sailing. Its range of 7 models covers all sizes of sails (up to 350m²) and enables it to equip boats of more than 80'.

For further information, dimensions, technical data and options please refer to the product catalogue


  • models available: NEX0.9, NEX1.5, NEX2.5, NEX4.0, NEX 6.5, NEX8.0, NEX12.0
  • For boats from 6 to >20m
  • Optimal size and weight
  • Wide range of terminals to fit your boat: Wichard snap shackle, MX (Wichard halyard shackle), standard shackles, 2:1 halyard blocks
  • Proven Profurl Technology: maintenance free systems permanently sealed in grease (except the NEX0.9) • Selective materials: for optimal strength/weight ratio
  • 3 year world-wide limited warranty

NEX Performance:

  • S-GRIP: Better line grip
    The special groove design, allowing for deformation of the line, ensures:
    • Better line grip, even when wet!
    • Easier furling
    • Minimum line wear
  • OPTIMAL FURLING: Furl without effort
    The optimal spool diameter provides ideal torque, which:
    • Makes furling easier
    • Reduces effort
  • Xtra-Light Systems: Lightness first
    The size and weight of each component (spool, swivel, and terminals) have been optimised to:
    • Improve sailing performance
    • Ensure easier handling of the systems

NEX Safety:

    Already standard on previous models, The SAFE SYSTEM enables you to stop the running of the furling line during deployment of sail and thus:
    • prevent accidents or damage caused by a free running line.
    • manoeuvre more quickly and easily
    • prevent excessive wear of the line

NEX Easy to use:

  • I-CONNECT: The Quick Sail Attachment Device
    available on NEX spools and swivels, enables you to quickly attach or remove the sails because of:
    • A quick, ergonomic system (for singled handed operation)
    • A fully integrated captive pin
    • No risk of fouling with adjacent lines
  • QUICK FIT: Line Fitting
    Enables you to fit or unfit the continuous line rapidly.
    • rapid fitting
    • long splicing possible
    • furling line may be left in position on deck
    • furlers can be changed without changing the line
  • TUNE & LOCK: Adjustment and installation
    The system is fitted and adjusted with a single screw:
    • adapts to the line outlet and deck layout
    • reduction of excessive line friction
    • quick installation with only one pre-fitted screw
    A major innovation of this new Nex range, the FURLASSIST ratchet function is a real plus for your manoeuvres allowing:
    • Better control of furling avoiding accidental unfurling of the sail
    • Reliable furling due to the permanent engagement of the pawl
    • Safety: it only unlocks  when hauling in the line fast
    • Simplicity: operates in both directions and without additional line
    • Easy installation and removal (2 screws)
Model NEX 0.9 NEX 1.5 NEX 2.5 NEX 4.0 NEX 6.5 NEX 8.0 NEX 12.0
Boat Lenght ca.
27 ft 32 ft 42 ft 50 ft 55 ft 60 ft >65 ft
Sail Area max.
Gennaker (Gennaker, Code 0)
35 m2 60 m2 80 m2 120 m2 220 m2 250 m2 350 m2
Sail Area max.
Heavy Wind sails (Solent, Staysail,...)
- 20 m2 30 m2 45 m2 65 m2 - -
Sail type  
Furlassist (optional)
Working load
0,9 t 1,5 t 2,5 t 4,0 t 6,5 t 8,0 t 12,0 t
Lower Terminal on drum
Snap shakle Snap shakle Snap shakle Snap shakle Speedlink Trigger shakle Speedlink Trigger shakle  
Lower Terminal on drum
MXEvo halyard shakle
MXEvo halyard shakle
MXEvo Fallschäke
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
Upper terminals on swivel
Lashing-Eye HR D shakle HR D shakle HR D shakle HR D shakle HR D shakle  
Upper terminals on swivel
MXEvo halyard shakle
HR D shakle
MXEvo halyard shakle
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
MXEvo halyard shakle
Halyard block
Anti-twist torque rope ∅ max. 9 mm 11 mm 13 mm 15 mm 17 mm 19 mm 21 mm
Furling Line ∅ 8 mm 8 mm 8-10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10-12 mm
Weight spool 0,38 kg 0,540 kg 0,995 kg 1,49 kg 1,73 kg 2,44 kg -
Weight swivel 0,110 kg 0,140 kg 0,260 kg 0,470 kg 0,730 kg 0,970 kg -
Drum diameter 120 mm 150 mm 180 mm 220 mm 220 mm  250 mm 250 mm
Warranty 3 Jahre

Product catalogue / Datasheet NEX

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