Proof it or it did not happen!

On you can finally put an end to an age-old debate that always comes up in the club or in a local bar where all the sailors hang out. “How fast can your boat go?” Forever shut those japes about how you should re-calibrate your instruments.

Sailing Record brings a single number to assess how you, your crew and your boat performs and with it all the bragging rights.

  • You can pick your time and place when and where you can compete.
  • You’ll be competing against the whole world.
  • You can use the breeze when it’s there and you don’t have to wait for the race committee signal.
  • It’s you against yourself and everyone else at the same time.

You can record your tracks with any device capable of GPS position sampling rate of at least 1 hz (1 point per second). That can be a sports watch, Velocitek, GPS device, smartphones with adequate app.

Take part in the 500m challenge or in the 1 hour challenge.

Scoreboards can be filtered in classes and boattype.