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Spare parts and blocks for your Seascape / First 18

Seascape / First 18 Spare parts

Bomm End Cover

Boom End Cover for your Seascpe / First...

38,00 €

Product details

Carbon Mast Tube - Rigged

Rigged carbon mast tube for your...

4.176,00 €

Product details

Carbon Tiller Tube

Carbon tiller tube for the rudder system

78,00 €

Product details

Dyneema Loop Jib tack / Mainsheet Block

Dyneema Loop for jib tack and main...

18,00 €

Product details

End cap for carbon tiller

End cap for carbon tiller of your...

11,50 €

Product details

Entrance Hard Top Cover

Seascape/First 18 entrance hard top...

165,00 €

Product details

First / Seascape 18 Keel Pin

Spare keel pin to secure the keel of...

29,75 €

Product details

First / Seascape 18 Thread Toggle

Shroud - threaded toggle for your...

31,00 €

Product details

Fockfall Klemme

Ersatzklmemme für das Fockfall Ihrer...

20,50 €

Product details

Headstay and Shrouds incl. Turnbuckles

Set of 2x shrouds and 1x headstay incl....

350,00 €

Product details

Headstay for Bartels furler

Seascape / First 18 headstay for...

91,00 €

Product details

Hiking Straps - Seascape / First 18

Padded or unpadded hiking straps for...

58,00 €

Product details

Hinges for the hard top cover

Hinges for the hard top cover for your...

26,00 €

Product details

Inspection hatch with cover in cockpit

Inspection hatch with cover in cockpit...

32,00 €

Product details

Jib batten uncut

Uncut spare jib batten

16,50 €

Product details

Jib clewblocks with softshackle

Jib clewblocks with softshackle for...

38,20 €

Product details

Jib Sheet Cleet

Jib sheet cleat for your Seascape /...

78,50 €

Product details

Keel bronze bearing

Keel bronze bearing for your Seascape /...

61,00 €

Product details

Keel shackle

Shakle for the keel of your Seascape /...

8,00 €

Product details

Keel slot strip raw material

Keel slot strip raw material & glue and...

115,00 €

Product details

Keel Spacers Keel / Hull

Keel spacer for the keel or hull

49,00 €

Product details

Keel winch cover

Keel winch cover for Seascape/First 18

72,00 €

Product details

Keel winch stainless steel

Stainless steel keel winch for your...

299,00 €

Product details

Mainsail luff feeder

Mainsail luff feeder for your Seascaepe...

20,50 €

Product details

Mast Top End Cap

Mast Top End Cap for your Seascape /...

36,00 €

Product details

MEK Hardener for Gelcoat

Hardener for Gelcoat 50%

5,80 €

Product details

Ronstan Battle Stick Tiller Extension

Original telsekopic Tiller Extension...

101,90 €

Product details

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