Seascape Charter

Mobile Charter
Seascape und have created a charter fleet for the model range of Seascape.

Our fleet is conveniently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All of our boats are on trailers and ready to follow you to your desired destination.
You either take over the yacht at an arranged place or we bring the yacht to your desired port.

The entire model range of Seascape is available: Seascape 18, Seascape 24 und Seascape 27.

Seascape 18 charter fleet
The Seascpae 18 charter fleet gives clubs, companies and like-minded persons the possibility to organize regattas, club events, holidays and raids with identical boats.

The yachts are located on trailers for 1, 2 and soon also for 4 yachts and have no fixed location. The fleet is easy and fast to transport and therefore ideal for events and regattas on lakes in Europe, as well as on the sea.

Of course not only the whole fleet can be rentet but also single boats.

Seascape Events
Numerous Seascape events offer you a suitable environment for your seascape charterer. Regardless of whether it is a regatta, a training or a raid, the Seascape community is steadily growing and there is something for every sailor's taste.